Terms and Conditions of Participation

The terms and conditions for participation in this program are below. You may be required to accept as a condition of participation.

Terms & Conditions of Participation

Even More Ways to Earn Rewards!
We have found an even better way to reward you for your loyalty to Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty.

  • Your unique Agent Gold Rewards Number (“Rewards Number”) is the key to earning Agent Gold Rewards for rentals with Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty.
  • Visit http://www.agentgoldrewards.com/ to enroll.
  • Upon enrolling in Agent Gold Rewards (“Program”, “Rewards Program” or “Agent Gold Rewards”), you (you may also be referred to as a “Participant”) are required to agree to these Terms & Conditions of Participation and you will receive your own unique Agent Gold Rewards Number (“Rewards Number”). You can immediately begin to use your new Agent Gold Rewards Number on future bookings.
  • For each qualifying worldwide rental of three (3) days or longer and as long as you enter your Rewards Number at the time of the initial booking, you earn ten (10) Agent Gold Reward Points (“Points” or “Reward Points”). Ten (10) Reward Points are awarded for Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty completed rentals worldwide of three (3) days or longer, which you can accumulate in your own special account to redeem as you wish.
  • TO EARN POINTS, YOUR AGENT GOLD REWARDS NUMBER MUST BE ENTERED IN AT THE TIME OF THE INITIAL CUSTOMER RESERVATION. Points will NOT be awarded for modifying reservations originally made by another travel consultant or made directly by the guest via an online booking tool. Canceling and rebooking a reservation to enter your Agent Gold Rewards Number in the SI field is not permissible and may at the sole discretion of the Rewards Program Administrator result in revocation of the privilege of your participation in the Program and/or the loss of Points. No exceptions will be made.
  • Reward Points will be deposited into your online account after a qualified worldwide rental
(Second Amended)

All U.S. and Canadian travel advisors who are at least 18 years of age, are affiliated with agencies that are members of ARC/IATA, and who make vehicle rental reservations for U.S. and International locations for The Hertz Corporation and its subsidiaries (“Hertz”) either through their GDS system, through the Hertz telephone reservation system or through hertz.com are eligible to participate in Agent Gold Rewards.

Requirements for Participation
To become a participant of the Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Program, travel advisors must register at http://www.agentgoldrewards.com/.
  • At time of registration, travel advisors will receive a unique Agent Gold Rewards Number.
  • This Agent Gold Rewards Number must be entered for each transaction at the time of original booking in the rental information field for the rental to qualify for Reward Points.
  • Hertz Agent Gold Reward Points will be issued to a travel advisor upon the rental being completed.
  • Participant Program Reward accounts who do not have any Qualifying Rental(s) (as defined below) for six (6) months in duration may be removed as an active Participant of the Program but will continue to have the ability to redeem their previously earned Reward Points.
  • Participants acknowledge that they have agreed to provide a valid e-mail address to receive e-mail communications, including marketing and promotional communications, from Hertz or its Program Administrator, which will enable them to review updated transactional information regarding the Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Program. Participants can withdraw their consent to receive marketing and promotional materials at any time by using the unsubscribe link found in those electronic messages or by contacting us at 5601 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK 73132 U.S.A or customer_service@hertz.com.
Qualifying Rentals
The following specific requirements must be satisfied for a Participant to earn Reward Points which requirements are collectively required to be defined as a “Qualifying Rental”:
  1. Vehicle rental must be booked by either by U.S. or Canadian travel advisors (consumer direct booking on a travel portal expressly excluded);
  2. Vehicle rental must be three (3) days or longer for pick-up at any participating U.S. or International Corporate or licensee location
  3. Reservations must be booked by a valid Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Member to qualify for Agent Gold Rewards; and
  4. Agent Gold Rewards Number must appear in the original reservation in the applicable GDS field.
  5. Travel advisor/industry discount rentals, tour rate rentals, rentals under net rate programs, no show reservations or cancelled reservations are not included in the definition of Qualifying Rentals.
  6. Rentals booked by customers covered under a company’s Counter Discount Program (“CDP”) that includes an individually negotiated rate feature, regardless of whether the negotiated rate is utilized, are not included in the definition of Qualifying Rentals.
Base Agent Gold Reward Structure
The base Reward Points structure is as follows:
  • Ten (10) Hertz Agent Gold Reward Points will be issued for deposit into a Participant online Rewards Program account for each Qualifying Rental.
  • Certain Qualified Rentals may qualify for bonus Reward Points being issued for deposit into a Participant account or by issuance to a Participant of Reward Points cards at the sole discretion of Hertz (“Bonus Reward”).
  • If a rental qualifies for more than one Bonus Reward, Members will receive the higher of the Bonus Rewards available on that rental at that time.
  • Maximum of one Bonus Reward per rental will be awarded.
Earning Agent Gold Reward Points
  • Agent Gold Reward Points will be deposited into your Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Account weekly.
  • Participant account activity can be accessed at http://www.agentgoldrewards.com/. Travel advisors will receive electronic notifications weekly whenever there is a Reward Point deposit made to the Participant account.
  • Account transactions and merchandise redemptions will be processed in real time.
  • Travel advisors earn Rewards on closed rental transactions, exclusive of tour reservations, net rate reservations, and travel industry or advisor discount reservations, booked on the GDS system, the Hertz reservation system or hertz.com.
  • Only one travel advisor may earn Agent Gold Reward Points for any one reservation.
  • No travel advisor may transfer, merge, assign or otherwise manipulate Reward Points or Certificates under any circumstances, including, without limitation, combining Reward Points with another Participant under one or more Agent Gold Rewards Numbers or under one or more Social Security Numbers.
  • If applicable, an IRS 1099 form will be sent in compliance with the IRS regulations to individual advisors, therefore, pooling of earned Reward Points will not be permitted. The 1099 form will contain Agent Gold Reward Points issued for the calendar year, whether or not the Reward Points are redeemed.
  • Taxes on Reward Points or Certificates are the sole responsibility of Rewards Program Members.
  • No Agent Gold Reward Points will be earned on reservations in which the qualifying rental booking information (‘AGR’ followed by a unique 6-digit number assigned at time of registration) is missing, incomplete, or incorrect.
Redeeming Agent Gold Reward Points
  • Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Points can be redeemed for a variety of merchandise found in the Rewards Catalog at http://www.agentgoldrewards.com/
  • Reward Points are owned by the Participant, are non-refundable once deposited into an online account and remain available for redemption at any time.
  • Participants that no longer have access to a valid Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Points account will have the ability to redeem Reward Points for merchandise and other offerings on a generic redemption website provided by the Program Administrator.
  • Merchandise delivery will be shipped to U.S. and Canadian addresses only.
Agent Gold Reward Program Access
The Program Administrator, on Hertz’s behalf, reserves the right to terminate your access to the Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Account and your ability to receive deposits of Reward Points in the Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Program, without notice, due to lack of Qualifying Rentals for six consecutive months, misrepresentation, improper or fraudulent use, noncompliance with these Program Rules or any other aspect of the program or any conduct detrimental to the interest of Hertz.

Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Redemption
Your Hertz Agent Gold Reward Points do not expire and are available for redemption as provided by these Terms & Conditions. In the event that the Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Program is terminated, all enrolled Members will be notified via email. In the event of such a termination, the Agent Gold Rewards website (http://www.agentgoldrewards.com/) will remain available for 90 days after the Program is terminates so that participants can continue to access the program website for redemption purposes. Once the 90 days is completed, the website will be shut down and Participants will thereafter have the ability to redeem their Award Points through an online redemption website maintained by Program Administrator.

By entering into the Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Program, Participants agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Hertz, its parent, its Program Administrator, affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees and their respective officers, directors, employees, advisors, successors, assigns, from any loss, liability or expense (including reasonable attorney’s fees) that may arise out of use of the Program, and products or services provided by others in redemption of Reward Points and One Day Rental Certificates.
  • Neither Hertz, nor its Program Administrator is responsible for errors including, without limitation, lost, late, damaged, misdirected, illegible, incorrect or incomplete communications, transmissions or technical failures in connection with enrollments, rental transactions, inquiries or any other type of communications relating to the Rewards Program.
  • In the case of account discrepancies, travel advisors must email the Contact Us section of the Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Program website at http://www.agentgoldrewards.com/, or call 1-877-204-0115 within (60) days after the date of the disputed weekly account activity statement. Account discrepancies will not be investigated after this time period and may result in the loss of Reward Points if not timely disputed. Travel advisors are responsible for supplying written documentation of rental transactions in question.
  • If the agency’s employee policy is not to allow individual advisors to participate in incentive contests, the Participant must notify Hertz in writing, via email at the Contact Us section of the Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Program website at http://www.agentgoldrewards.com/. The agency ARC number will be immediately blocked from participation or any portion thereof.
  • Hertz reserves the right to modify, extend, or terminate the Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Program at any time, upon ten (10) days-notice to Program Members. Modification may affect, without limitation, the rewards point structure and/or the value of the rewards points already accumulated.
  • The sponsor of this program is The Hertz Corporation, 8501 Williams Road, Estero, FL 33928. The Administrator of this Rewards Program for The Hertz Corporation is BI Worldwide, 7630 East Bush Lake Road, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55439 (“Program Administrator”). The Hertz Agent Gold Rewards Program Terms and Conditions of Participation were effective May 12, 2008; first amended effective July 1, 2015; and second amended effective June 1, 2017.

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